Clark M, Jolley D, BENBOW SM, Greaves N & Greaves I.

Exploring the scope for Normalisation Process Theory to help evaluate and understand the processes involved when scaling up integrated models of care: a case study of the scaling up of the Gnosall memory service.

Journal of Integrated Care (2021) 29 (1): 3-21. See and link to journal website here.

Other publications about Gnosall primary care memory clinic:

Greaves I, Greaves N, Walker E, Greening L, BENBOW SM & Jolley D. Gnosall Primary Care Memory Clinic: Eldercare Facilitator role description and development. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice (2015) 14 (4): 389-408. Download a pre-publication version below:

Greaves I & BENBOW SM. Care of People with Dementia in the Community. Chapter 15, pp 301-314, in The Handbook of Dementia (2nd edition), eds N Kar, D Jolley, B Misra. PARAS, Hyderabad, 2011

BENBOW SM, Jolley D, Greaves I, Walker E. Closing the diagnosis gap and improving care: the Primary Care Memory Clinic. Progress in Neurology & Psychiatry (2013) 17 (6): 27-30. Download a pre-publication version below:

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