Month: November 2020

BENBOW SM, Bhattacharyya S & Kingston P.

Older adults and violence: An analysis of domestic homicide reviews in England involving adults over 60 years of age. Ageing & Society (2019) 39: 1097-1121. Doi: 10.1017/S0144686X17001386 access a read-only copy here. A pre-publication version of this paper can be downloaded below: Other related publications: BENBOW SM, Bhattacharyya S & Kingston P. What’s in a …

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A Personal Perspective from the UK: ageing and psychiatrists. Australasian Psychiatry (2016) 24(2): 131–133. Download a pre-publication version below: Other personal perspective-type publications: BENBOW SM. Old Age Psychiatry or Psychotherapy: both-and. Old Age Psychiatrist (2016) 64:42-44. Available online here. BENBOW SM. Sailing into the wind. Old Age Psychiatrist (2011) 53, 4-5. Read this article here.