BENBOW SM & Sharman V

Review of family therapy and dementia: twenty-five years on. International Psychogeriatrics (2014) 26 (12): 2037-50. Publication is the copyright of Cambridge University Press. Click here to link to the abstract at International Psychogeriatrics online, and download a pre-publication version of the paper below:

Other family therapy and related publications

BENBOW SM & Sharman V. Thoughts on supervision – from the Aspens Committee. Context (2015) 138: 56. Link to a pre-publication version below:

BENBOW SM & Sharman V. ASPENS Noticeboard: the business of therapy. Context (2014) 133 (June) 46. Download a pre-publication version below:

BENBOW SM. Aspens Noticeboard. Context (2013) 129 (October) 42-­43. Download a pre-publication below:

BENBOW SM & Goodwillie G. Think family: systemic therapy in later life.Chapter 6, pp. 91-106, in Casebook of Clinical Geropsychology: International Perspectives on Practice, eds. Pachana NA, Laidlaw K & Knight BG. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2010. See the book here.

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